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Emotet malware is back in action

(Image credit: TRA UAE)

“As the world becomes more reliant on the Internet and virtual world, malicious cyberattacks are increasing, with goals ranging from seizing personal property to destroying large organisations and creating chaos in many countries of the world,” Hamad Obaid Al Mansouri, TRA Director-General, said.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the UAE (TRA) has warned users to be wary of the ‘Emotet’ banking Trojan, making its rounds globally.

Emotet, first identified by security researchers in 2014, was designed to sneak into your computer and steal sensitive information but the latest version of the malware infects users through its bulk spam email campaigns containing harmful links to users.

Frankfurt, one of the largest financial hubs in the world, recently shut down its IT network following infection with the Emotet malware.

The TRA also warned the public of the risk of fraudulent messages that mislead recipients into thinking that they are from reliable sources and invite them to click on certain links or send private information by phone, email or otherwise, ultimately making the recipient a victim of scam and online fraud.

TRA said that such message reach users via SMS and WhatsApp, impersonating a well-known company or bank established in the UAE, which then ask the user to call some numbers, provide personal data and bank card details, under the pretext of unblocking the ATM card.

In addition, the TRA cautioned against widespread Snapchat links such as filters because they may contain malware. The TRA recommended not clicking such links until after verifying the sender to avoid being infected with any malicious code.