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Ek’s Computex lineup flexes the best of PC builds

(Image credit: EK)

EK’s Computex lineup is certainly something to admire. The brand unveiled a host of new products at the show, appealing to PC DIY enthusiasts who want to elevate the builds even further.

EK also unveiled two series of circular-design, all-in-one liquid cooling solutions, the EK-Nucleus Lux and the EK-Nucleus Vision. The Nucleus line brings many new features, including a rotatable pump top, new fitting positions, and an LCD display. The display allows users to customize the look of their CPU cooler by showing for internal data such as temperatures, logos, and even gifs. 

X7000-C and X7000-RM from EK Fluid Works  

Following up from the company’s previously released fully liquid-cooled workstation PCs, EK Fluid Works showcased two new variations of their Compute series, the X7000-C and the X7000-RM. The goal was to bring the same power and performance as the original X7000 but to offer it in two more accommodating forms for users.

The X7000-C delivers intense computing power in a size that is comparable to a compact home subwoofer. It features server-grade components and can accommodate a whopping 4 fully liquid-cooled GPUs. The X7000-RM on the other hand is a rack-mountable liquid-cooled server that features up to 7 GPUs, and is user-expandable.


(Image credit: EK)

Small Form Factor Gaming PC from EK Fluid Gaming

For gamers looking for a great gaming PC with a small footprint, the latest gaming PC from EK Fluid Gaming is just what you need. Built inside the Lian-Li PC-011D Mini, the new EK AIO+ at the heart of this Gaming PC combines both a traditional AIO cooler with a pre-installed custom D-RGB GPU water-block, allowing it to cool both the CPU & GPU in a single maintenance-free design. This offers all the key benefits of liquid-cooling without the cost, maintenance, or experience required with a full custom-loop.

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