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Du launches unlimited power plan for postpaid customers

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Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), the parent company of du, launched its unlimited postpaid power plan with unlimited data, unlimited minutes and unlimited internet calls in the UAE.

The limited-time offer is available to new or existing customers who opt to migrate from their postpaid plan to the ‘real unlimited plan’.

The unlimited flexi minutes and unlimited data offer will be given to subscribers to the Power Plan 1000/1200 for the duration of 12 months, with or without contract. Customers can use their Flexi minutes for national and international calls to 164 destinations around the world.

The Dubai-based telecom operator is also offering its postpaid customers a free internet calling pack subscription valid for 12 months with Power Plan 300/350, Power Plan 500/600 and Power Plan 1000/1200.

With this free internet calling pack subscription, customers can make unlimited app-to-app calls or text anyone across the globe on selected VoIP apps such as Botim and YZER.

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