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Download of the day: EaseUS Todo Backup Free

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

We like to think EaseUS took its name from the sound of somebody realising they didn’t have a backup as their hard disk fails. “EaseUS! The computer’s borked!” We’re probably wrong.

What EaseUS Todo Backup Free does is make backing up important files as simple as possible. You can use it to backup to external drives or to make a clone of your hard disk so you can migrate to an SSD (and if you haven’t done that, here’s a word to describe it: wheeeeeeeeeee!).

It works with Windows versions from XP to Windows 10 and it’s multi-lingual too.

Why you need it

Things fall apart, the center cannot hold and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. In other words, stuff breaks - and if that stuff has your irreplaceable collection of family photographs, Minecraft parodies or Miley Cyrus memes, you might not be able to get your data back.

By taking regular backups you can be confident that if disaster strikes, you won’t lose your data. EaseUS Todo Backup may not have the fancy-dan features of its paid-for rivals, but then it doesn’t have a price tag either. All you need to provide is a little bit of your time.

Review and where to download: EaseUS Todo Backup Free


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