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Cortana can now help you score deals through Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is augmenting Edge with another feature from digital assistant Cortana so you can save a few bucks while shopping (and maybe convince you to actually use the internet browser).

The tech giant is rolling out a pilot feature for Microsoft Edge that allows Cortana to compare prices for merchandise on the web.

The feature works similar to other Cortana skills, where the digital assistant will give you a notification if there's relevant information on the webpage you're visiting. 

Once activated, the alert brings comparable pricing for whatever item you're looking at, should it have the relevant info on hand. An example of the feature at work is shown below:

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Cortana's newly added shopping tips are currently rolling out for users running the Windows 10 Creators Update, with Microsoft accepting feedback as the feature continues to develop.

So far, the feature supports up to 14 major retailers in the US, including Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. According to Microsoft, regional availability and number of retailers is expected to increase "in the months ahead."

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