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EA chief: Wii 'would explode' if priced at $99

Nintendo Wii - on the decline?
Nintendo Wii - on the decline?

The Wii would 'explode' if it was priced at $99 (£64) according to the head of EA John Riccitiello.

The influential gaming figure believes that Nintendo must arrest the drop off it has experienced with the Wii.

In the light of the arrival of Kinect for Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation Move, Riccitiello believes that a price drop below the $100 barrier would give the entire platform a shot in the arm.

Exceptionally well

"I would say [Nintendo] did exceptionally well in '07 and '08, started tapering in '09 and '10, and... I think if they were to price down to $99, they would explode," he told IndustryGamers.

"I think they've now got competition, in the form of gesture-based gaming from Sony and Microsoft.

"If they were to find ways to promote third-party content better, as opposed to first-party content, and would hit pricing, I think the platform would see new life."

From Industry Gamers via CVG

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