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Dell surrenders to Linux in UK

Dell is making systems available with Linux in Europe

Dell says it is "answering customer calls" for Linux with the announcement of two new systems. The Inspiron 6400n and the Inspiron 530n ship with the Ubuntu 7.04 Linux operating system factory installed.

Dell is making these machines available in the United Kingdom, Germany and France initially. Dell says the new machines represent its "first steps to meet the needs of the Linux enthusiast community outside of the United States."

The corporation asked for customer feedback to the proposed product lines on its suggestions website About 30,000 IdeaStorm community members advocated that Dell offer systems with Linux pre-installed, and more than 100,000 participated in a follow-up survey to help determine the type of Linux system to offer.

"Dell is continuing to deliver on our commitment to give customers what they're asking for - the option of choosing Linux as their operating system," said Charlie Tebbs, Marketing Director, Consumer, Dell EMEA. "As we hear from customers throughout Europe and around the world, we will continue to explore the opportunities to expand our offerings globally, so stay tuned."

With no software licensing costs associated with Ubuntu, Dell is offering the base 6400n system from £329 including VAT.


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