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LaCie debuts designer hard-drive range

LaCie's new Starck hard drive
LaCie's new Starck hard drive

LaCie has announced that it has gone all designer with its latest range of hard drives, looking to Philippe Starck for inspiration.

The new, stylish hard drives are meant to showcase the limitless possibilities of technology.

If you don't believe us, then just check out Starck's philosophy for his hard-drive designs, which is as follows: "A symbol of strength mastered, of freedom guided, of incandescent magma heeding to the form of its cast. The interpretation is free. But the mystery remains."

LaCie drive

Personally, we think they look a bit like a polished breeze block but then our appreciation of art stems from Neil Buchanan's masterful programme, Art Attack.

There are two types of hard drive to choose from. The LaCie Starck Desktop Hard Drive is available in 1TB and 2TB capacities, and the LaCie Starck Mobile Drive in 320GB and 500GB capacities.

LaCie drive

Prices for the hard drives are: £109.90 for the Desktop and £84.90 for the Mobile. For more information, visit

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