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Steve Jobs named Financial Times person of the year

Steve Jobs is the FT's person of the year
Steve Jobs is the FT's person of the year

Steve Jobs, head honcho of that little known company Apple, has been crowned 'Person of the Year' by the Financial Times.

Apple seems to have been coated in Teflon during the current economic crisis, and it is Jobs who is reaping the success of this.

The Finacial Times decided to give Jobs its coveted award, due to the success of the Apple iPad – which has opened up a new category of computer / bandwagon for the rest of the tech world to try and jump on to.

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The FT said that Jobs' iPad success is "the culmination of an approach that he has seemingly been perfecting for his entire career."

It also noted that Jobs is "a stern taskmaster who understands the art of the possible, rather than a long-range visionary."

No we have no idea what that sentence means either.

The FT also said that Jobs is "pushing forward rather than milking old successes – even ones as significant as the iPod."

So that's the secret of success: take your best device ever (the iPod), make it bigger and you have a whole bag of win.

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