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Mountain Lion release date set for July 25?

Apple stores planning overnights for Mountain Lion release on July 24?
No long lines for this $20 upgrade

Apple's new OS X Mountain Lion release date may be set for July 25, if rumours of planned overnights in Apple Stores around the world are to be believed.

With Apple only confirming that Mountain Lion will launch "in July" so far, stores across the US and overseas have apparently asked staff to work overnight on July 24, according to 9to5Mac.

The launch date for July 25 gains more credibility since Apple's Q3 2012 earnings announcement will take place on the previous day as well - in 2011, Apple launched OS X Lion the day after its July 2011 Q3 earnings call.

No other hardware

But since no other hardware is being launched along with Mountain Lion, overnight installations shouldn't be too major with 9to5Mac's sources reckoning it'll just be "a few guys running around" installing the OS on showfloor computers.

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will be a $20 (around £20 in the UK) upgrade to be made available on launch day through the Mac App Store.

New features include a Dictation app, Power Nap for updating Macs on sleep mode, and Gatekeeper for installing apps that are only approved by Apple.

Via 9to5Mac