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Mac App Store release date set for 13 December?

Mace App Store - just around the corner
Mace App Store - just around the corner

Apple is looking to open the doors of its Mac App Store in less than a week, according to reports, with 13 December being mooted as a release date.

Jobs and co announced back in October that an App Store for Macs was in the works, after it was revealed alongside the new OS X platform, 10.7 Lion.

The store is taking its inspiration from the iOS app store, offering applications to make your desktop that little bit better to use.

App Store imminent

Although it was announced with OS X 10.7, the app store is standalone and will be available for those using Snow Leopard and above.

The internet's usual rumour mill has seen the date 13 December crop up a number of times – and it's a date that's in-keeping with Apple's proposed 90 day from announcement launch.

December looks set to be a busy time for Apple, who is also looking to drop its iOS 4.3 update around mid December as well. This will bring improvements to Airplay and a possible new type of subscription service for applications.

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