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Jobs returns to Apple HQ says report

Apple - buoyed by the news
Apple - buoyed by the news

Hot on the heels of his comment on yesterday's news that the iPhone 3G S has hit the six figure mark for sales comes the news that Steve Jobs was back at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

Rarely has one man and his battle with illness dominated the technology news in the way that Steve Jobs has since confirming in January that he would be taking six months off in a medical leave of absence.

Jobs, a figurehead for Apple since his return to the company he co-founded, was spotted leaving the Cupertino headquarters of Apple, according to a report from Reuters.


In some ways, his comment in the release on the iPhone 3G S sales can be considered a return to front-line Apple dealings, with an ebullient comment about sales in the opening weekend.

This prompted a spike in Apple's share price, which subsequently fell away, and once again reminded people just how important Jobs has become to his company. The confirmation of his sabbatical caused a huge dip in share price.

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