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iTunes music takes back the living room in Apple TV update

iTunes music takes back the living room in Apple TV update
Are you sure about that?

A beta update of the Apple TV software released to devs will be music to people's ears, as the service has opened up the ability to purchase music from iTunes.

Until now we've been able to buy movies and TV shows on the set-top box, but while music streaming has been available, the ability to purchase iTunes tracks straight from the TV has been a no-no.

The new app in Apple's update has been made stylistically similar to the iOS version, letting you use scrollable panes to browse through artists and listen to song previews.


On selecting an album you'll be told its most popular or latest track. Buying songs will sync with iTunes across your devices rather than downloading to the Apple TV box.

Another new feature is that you'll be able to use your iPhone, iPad or iPod to automatically set up Apple TV by syncing it with Bluetooth.

The new software is only available to developers at present - we're expecting the software to be released in its full form until later this year although nothing has been set in stone yet.

Via Apple Insider

Hugh Langley

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