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Is Steve Jobs WWDC's 'one more thing'?

Steve Jobs
The health of both Steve Jobs and Apple appears to be connected

The world and his dog know that Apple's CEO Steve Jobs is supposed to return to his Cupertino desk later this month, but sources are suggesting the man in the black polo-neck himself could actually be the "one more thing" surprise at WWDC next week.

If a healthy and recovered Jobs does mount the stage at Monday's expected iPhone event, it is likely to have a positive impact on Apple's stock-market value.

Stock to jump

According to Reuters, opinion among analysts is split, with anything from a one to five per cent jump possible if Jobs does appear.

However, rising expectations may lead to the opposite happening if he doesn't make an appearance at WWDC, with one observer even suggesting stock could fall by as much as 10 per cent.

Headstrong Jobs

Regardless of the speculation, Gawker summed up nicely the fact that it's really up to Jobs himself: "The CEO is notoriously headstrong about these sorts of things. If he wants to show up on Monday, he will."