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Has Apple dropped 'bag of hurt' Blu-ray from iMacs?

iMac's to ship without Blu-ray drives
iMac's to ship without Blu-ray drives

Apple has decided not to add Blu-ray to its latest updated range of iMacs, if sources close to the company are to be believed.

It had been thought that Apple was planning to add Blu-ray capabilities to a new range of all-in-one iMacs but Apple Insider is now reporting (albeit on rumours) that the Blu-ray technology may have been pulled before production started on the computers last month.

Steve Jobs has been quite candid about Blu-ray in the past. Last October at one of Apple's annual product announcements, he called the tech a "bag of hurt" and noted that "the licensing is so complex".

Complex licensing would mean pushing up the prices, and considering Macs sell for a premium anyway, it would make for a rather pricey setup.

Apple's (quad) core

As with all Apple news prior to launch, the lack of Blu-ray cannot be denied or confirmed, but what does seem to be a certainty is the new iMac range will be powered by Intel's latest Core i7 chip – the quad-core Clarksfield (Nehalem) mobile processor.

If this turns out to be solid fact, then it would be the first iMac to contain a quad-core processor.

Via AppleInsider

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