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Apple's Jobs says PCs are important

Steve Jobs was more candid than usual about Apple's new product announcements in a Q & A briefing alongside other executives yesterday. reports that Jobs was even massaging the ego of the PC, saying: "Personal computers are more important now than five years ago... Where would Facebook be without PCs? Where would photo-editing be?"

What he means, of course, is that Apple's Mac business isn't going to disappear if the iPhone replaces the personal computer.

Jobs also made some strange comments about Intel. When pressed why Apple didn't use Intel branding on its boxes and machines, he said: "We like our own stickers better". He quickly justified himself, saying: "Everyone knows we use Intel. A lot of stickers are redundant".

Jobs pushed the recycling benefits of the new iMac as well. Apple has often been criticised for its poor progress in terms of its environmental policy. In the briefing, Jobs said "recyclers love" the iMac's new aluminium shell, before adding: "Glass is elegant, very scratch resistant and very recyclable."

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