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Apple quietly pulls the plug on AppleWorks

AppleWorks has now been replaced by the iWork suite

According to Macworld UK, Apple has officially informed retailers that its AppleWorks software has reached "End of Life" status. End of Life (EOL) products are those Apple no longer plans on selling or updating.

In 1984, AppleWorks creator Robert Lissner wrote the program for the Cupertino, California-based company. Soon after, Apple released the product to much fanfare on the popular Apple II computer. During one point in its life, AppleWorks became the most popular software in the industry and is still credited with being one of the best-selling programs in history.

For years, AppleWorks was bundled with Macs until version 6.0 came out in the nineties. At that point, the product was sold separately and was never able to reach the same level of notoriety that it once had. It was quickly replaced by Apple's more popular iWork application.

Echoing the replacement of AppleWorks in favour of iWork, the company has discontinued its use of the AppleWorks page and has redirected it to the iWork product information page.