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Apple pledges to boost encryption when iCloud emails go between other providers

Apple pledges to boost encryption when iCloud emails between to other providers
Apple does not currently encrypt iCloud email when it goes to, say, Gmail users

Apple's iCloud email service is currently one of the few that does not encrypt messages when they're exchanged with other providers. However, that is about to change.

An NPR report on Friday revealed that Apple encrypts messages when they travel to other iCloud (or and accounts), but not when they're going to/coming from Outlook or Gmail, etc.

"Apple encrypts e-mail from its customers to iCloud. However, Apple is one of the few global email providers based in the U.S. that is not encrypting any of its customers' email in transit between providers. After we published, the company told us this would soon change.

"This affects users of and email addresses," the NPR report pointed out.

Coming soon

Apple responded to the report by assuring the news service to confirm it is indeed working on encrypting mail between other providers, rather than simply safeguarding the security of iCloud to iCloud mail.

Apple said "soon" but didn't offer any specific timeline for the security boost.

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Via VentureBeat