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Apple launches Micro-USB adapter for iOS devices

iPhone 4S
The Micro-USB adapter hasn't exactly headlined the Apple launches...

Amid a host of high profile Apple launches on Tuesday, the company quietly outed an official adapter to allow iOS devices to be charged using a Micro-USB cable.

The £8 add-on arrived on the UK Apple Store when it came back online following the launch of the iPhone 4S and refreshed iPod touch and nano models.

The tiny accessory simply pops onto the end of your existing Micro USB cable, and will be shipped on the same day as the iPhone 4S - October 14th.

Setting the standard

The quiet launch of the accessory comes a couple of years after Apple pledged to abide by European standards and cater for Micro-USB charging.

There have been several third-party solutions available for quite some time now, but this is the first time Apple has launched an adapter of its own.

Although it's listed as £8 on the website, we'd hope that Apple would be kind enough to bundle one of these guys in with the iPhone 4S.

Via: Engadget