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Apple iOS 4.3 details leaked by the Guardian

Subscriptions on the App Store incoming
Subscriptions on the App Store incoming

The Guardian is to drop its current iPod application in favour of a subscription-based one, with details of the change posted on the newspaper's website.

On a blog, the Guardian explains: "The new app will have a new price point: £2.99 for six months and £3.99 for 12 months."

This type of subscription-based app is not something that's currently available on the App Store, so it seems that it has outed a feature which will be an update to Apple iOS 4.3.

Considering iOS 4.2 was only just released this month, the next iteration of iOS will probably be a rather minor update.

IOS 4.3 release date

The Guardian says that this change will happen globally pre-Christmas so it seems that the UK iOS 4.3 release date is imminent.

It has also announced that an iPad app is in development, saying: "We're still working through the final features but, as always, we're aiming high and hoping to steal a march on the current news-oriented iPad apps already available.

"We'll reveal more details about this soon."

Via Apple Insider

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