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Acer: multiple devices are key to the future

Acer - not looking to a single unified device just yet
Acer - not looking to a single unified device just yet

Connecting people to their digital lives through multiple devices is key to Acer's plan for the next five years, according to the company's VP of marketing communication Gianpiero Morbello.

Speaking to TechDesign TV – sponsored by Acer and in association with TechRadar – Morbello insisted that a single convergent device was unlikely, and that the laptop giant was focused on having ranges or products to suit everyone.

"The future of Acer is not in the product but in the customer," said Morbello.

Seamless experience

"It is in giving the customer a seamless experience into the online community overall and into the technology that you can find now.

"We are providing the customers with the right product o ensure that their digital life is connected through different products."

The full video, discussing convergence and the next generation of devices, is available now on the TechDesign TV site.

Patrick Goss

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