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Shuttle puts SFF computer into cars

The only thing that indicates the Shuttle CarPC should be installed in a car is its name

Having a computer in the living room and one in the office obviously isn't enough in the world of Shuttle . The company wants us to have a computer in the car too; preferably its CarPC.

The Shuttle CarPC looks like a cooling chassis - it doesn't look like it's been designed to be fitted into the usual internal car stereo panel. And besides the name, not much else refers to the fact that it's aimed to be installed in a car.

Measuring 279 x 230 x 70mm (d x w x h), the small form factor CarPC is powered by the car battery and switches itself on and off automatically when the car is started or the ignition is turned off. The operating system is shut down properly each time the car is turned off, without loss of data.

The CarPC is built around Intel's 945GM and ICH7M chipsets, and runs on a mobile Intel Core Duo T2400 processor with a clock speed of 1.83GHz. Its hard drive and RAM is built on mobile designs to save space. There is no information on storage capacity yet.

The CarPC has connections for DVI, network and USB among others, and also supports 7.1-channel sound. Shuttle could not confirm price or availability details.