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G.Skill announces 48GB memory kit

G.Skill 48GB memory kit
We're gonna need a bigger case...

G.Skill has shown off what it terms the 'ultimate workstation memory kit' – namely 48GB of ultra-high capacity memory that's designed for workstations.

Although it's not likely you'll be seeing this in your average gaming PC, the memory should take multitasking to a whole new dimension.

The memory from G.Skill is designed for the EVGA Super Record (SR-2) motherboards, and features 12 hand-picked, hand-tested DIMMS adding up to nearly half a century of GB of 1,900 Mhz, 1.65v CL8 DDR3 RAM, with Ripjaws series heatsinks.

Matched masterpiece

"Designed exclusively for EVGA's best in class Super Record 2 (SR-2) motherboard, which features dual Intel Xeon LGA1366 CPU sockets and 12 DDR3 memory slots, G.Skill has been able to match its masterpiece of 48GB DDR3 precisely to this board, making it performance for performance-hungry workstation users," explains G.Skill's release.

"Furthermore, based on G.Skill lab's internal test results, advanced users capable of understanding sophisticated BIOS adjustments will be able to reach 2,000MHz CL8 with the G.Skill Ripjaws 48GB DDR3 kit.

Apparently, the memory hits the 'upper limits' of Intel's Xeon CPUs, and is available in August for what will be enough money to discourage all of us looking at Crysis 2 and wondering if it's time for an upgrade from considering it.

But then again…

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