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Massive SDXC cards get an on-sale date

SD card
SDXC cards will be both bigger and much faster

If you've ever struggled with digital photos overflowing the capacity of your memory card, then mark 2010 in your diary as the year the more capacious SDXC cards will finally arrive.

The new version of the reliable old SD card has been touted for several months now, but the SD Association has finally pencilled in next year for the debut of SDXC (SD eXtended Capacity) cards that will ultimately scale to a whopping 2TB.

Faster too

The road map for the new cards includes not just larger capacities, but also better transfer speeds of up to 300MB per second.

That, according to the Association, "will enable professional-level recording in compact consumer camcorders and increase the number of frames shot in a second with SDXC cameras."

Smaller start

In other words, we could be looking at far better images and many more of them thanks to the new format.

However, the first SDXC cards will probably be in the 64-128GB range with bus speeds of 52MB per second, both of which still compare favourably with the current SDHC limits of 32GB and 6MB per second.

Via Macworld