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Dell begins shipping 1TB hard drive

The Dell XPS is one of the systems you can specify a 1TB drive for

The age of the Terabyte drive is upon us. Dell and its subsidiary Alienware are now allowing customers to specify one of Hitachi's recently-announced Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 hard disk drives in new high-end systems.

The drives can be added to Dell XPS, Alienware Aurora and Area 51 systems. "Digital content use is exploding in the consumer market," said Dell's Neil Hand. "This type of capability used to be available only to the largest corporations."

Dell has also taken the opportunity to pitch its bandwagon-jumping StudioDell community website. The site includes what it calls a "video time capsule", enabling Dell system owners to contribute videos and other digital media "for generations to come".

While talking about the site, the company managed to shoehorn in a mention of the latest drive. "All video content submitted to StudioDell for the remainder of 2007 will be copied on[to] a 1TB hard drive and will be stored for 50 years on the Dell campus in Round Rock."

Slightly sickly and, given Dell's latest financial results and precarious market position, you wouldn't bet on it sticking around, either...


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