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Microsoft seals new deal with ARM

ARM - new deal with Microsoft
ARM - new deal with Microsoft

Microsoft has signed a new licensing agreement with British company ARM to use its architecture.

The software giant has had deals in place with ARM since 1997, with the companies collaborating on software and devices 'across the embedded consumer and mobile spaces'

"Microsoft is an important member of the ARM ecosystem, and has been for many years," said Mike Muller, CTO ARM.

"With this architecture license, Microsoft will be at the forefront of applying and working with ARM technology in concert with a broad range of businesses addressing multiple application areas."

Phones and embedded

Microsoft's general manager KD Hallman explained that mobile phones and embedded devices that use ARM's designs run Microsoft products.

"ARM is an important partner for Microsoft and we deliver multiple operating systems on the company's architecture, most notably Windows Embedded and Windows Phone," said KD Hallman, general manager, Microsoft.

"With closer access to the ARM technology we will be able to enhance our research and development activities for ARM-based products."

Interestingly, there has been talk of Windows 8 potentially running on the ARM architecture, with Steven Sinofsky not ruling out the possibility to TechRadar.

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