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CES 2011: Intel Sandy Bridge CPU to be unveiled in January

Sandy Bridge - making its debut at CES
Sandy Bridge - making its debut at CES

Intel has confirmed it is to launch its latest generation of chips, the Sandy Bridge processor, at CES 2011.

According to Electronista, invites have been sent out which confirm that Sandy Bridge will be shown off at the consumer electronics show in January 2011.

The chip, which is a showcase for Intel's new CPU architecture, is set to be (at the high end) a six-core model, which is made from 32nm silicon and has 15MB of cache memory.

The chip is a major overhaul of Nehalem and while it uses Intel's existing integrated graphics technology, it is said to be pretty special when it comes to graphics performance.

Sand storm

It will also come with support for Intel's new 256-bit AVX extensions, a quad-channel memory controller and PCI Express 3.0. It has been confirmed that there will be an eight-core version available in due course.

At the lower end of the spectrum, there will be Sandy Bridge dual- and quad-core variations available.

Intel will be hoping that the few months it has got before AMD showcases its Bulldozer chips will give it a bit of an edge.

Via Electronista

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