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Sennheiser and Asus team up on Xonar Xense package

Sennheiser's PC350 Xense edition headset
Sennheiser's PC350 Xense edition headset

Asus has teamed up with Sennheiser to offer what it claims is the world's first total audio solution optimised for first person shooters – pairing the Sennheiser PC350 'Xense Edition' headset and the new Asus Xonar Xense One sound card.

In an inspired move, Sennheiser and Asus are trying to persuade gamers to opt for a package that brings a quality pair of headphones with one of the latest audio cards to create the X-happy Xonar Xense package.

"Xonar Xense is a perfectly matched combination of cutting edge audio card and superior quality headphones that reinvents immersive sound for serious gamers," explains Asus in its release.

"The gaming audio set creates unbeatable sonic experiences in PC gaming that are sure to be appreciated by hardcore gamers keen on competitive online play."

1,000 tests

Asus states that it tested '1,000 headphone combinations' to find the perfect match for its Xonar Xense cards, and the Sennheiser PC350 was the choice.

"Unlike random audio card/headphone combinations, Xonar Xense features a holistic design from the ground up, crafting a balance of the two components," adds Asus

"There is no quality gap between audio card and headphones, so no quality is lost in transition. "

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