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The HP Leap Motion keyboard will now be sold separately

The gesture-sensing Leap Motion keyboard will be sold individually starting this month for $99 (about £60, AU$106).

The keyboard was previously bundled with certain HP PCs, and it was unclear whether it would ever be sold separately.

But the standalone Leap Motion keyboard will be compatible with all Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs, the company told Engadget at Computex Asia.

Four ways to Leap

That makes four ways to get your hands on/over the Leap Motion gesture controller: with the standalone Leap Motion peripheral, inside the HP Envy Leap Motion laptop, in the Leap Motion keyboard bundled with HP PCs, or as the standalone keyboard.

HP Leap Motion keyboard

The Leap Motion keyboard has the sensor built-in

Leap Motion's sensor technology tracks users hands and fingers in the air over the peripheral for everything from gaming to productivity use to design apps.

It has its own app store, called Airspace, and the original standalone Leap Motion has reportedly sold 500,000 units since its launch in summer 2013.

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