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MSI announces N460 GTX Cyclone cards

MSI's latest grpahics cards
MSI's latest grpahics cards

MSI has unveiled the N460 GTX Cycone series of graphics cards, taking advantage of Nvidia's latest chip.

MSI's latest card range includes the N460GTX Cyclone 768D5/OC and N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5, and boast MSI's 'Military Class' components and the exclusive Cyclone thermal design with a 9cm PWM fan.

The cards also come with GPU overvoltage support through MSI's afterburner overclocking software – which can apparently boost performance by 30 per cent.

And, MSI believes that it has shaved more than 15 per cent off of the noise generated by the reference design with the N460 GTX series.

Dealing with the heat

"MSI N460GTX Cyclone Series is equipped with the exclusive Cyclone thermal design. After sinking the heat from the GPU with the nickel-plated copper base, two heat pipes evenly transfer the heat to the fins, explains MSI.

"Through a large 9cm PWM fan the huge airflow dissipates the heat very quickly.

"Aside from effectively reducing the GPU temperature compared to the reference cooler, the Cyclone thermal design can reduce noise by up to 15.7%.

"N460GTX Cyclone series maintains a balance between cooling and noise to deliver a quiet and cool platform."

Three cards have currently been announced, including the £134+VAT N460GTX M2D768D5, the £139+VAT Cyclone 768D5/OC and the 1GB £154+VAT N460 GTX460 Cyclone 1GD5.

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