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Citibank introduces digital wallet app City Pay for Android users in the UAE

Digital wallets for UAE consumers keep expanding. Citibank UAE joins the growing mobile wallet landscape in the region lead by Apple Pay and Samsung Pay with its standalone app, Citi Pay UAE. The app will available to Citi Mastercard credit and debit card holders only on Android, with no word on iOS release.

Android users in the region can use Citi Pay UAE on their phones to make purchases at contactless or tap-and-go payment terminals that support NFC. 

The app automatically adds all your Citi Mastercards with a simple log-in process and displays them on a wallet style dashboard. Making a payment is similar to other digital wallets, all users need to do it choose their preferred card, authenticate with fingerprint or their unique City Pay PIN and hold their phone over any contactless reader.  

Contactless mobile payments are gaining popularity by offering users a secure and fast way to make payments in-store or in-app. With City Pay UAE, users can rest in ease knowing that their card information is hidden from the merchants, easily view their recent transactions and use contactless payments overseas wherever it’s supported. 

Ammara Rounaq is the Social Media manager at TechRadar Middle East.