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Channel 4 explains Macrovision tie-up for 4oD

Channel 4's 4oD (4 on demand) allows customers to download Channel 4 content and keep it for up to 30 days

Channel 4 has released details of Macrovision 's involvement with the channel's new video on demand service - 4oD .

The pairing enables users of 4oD to choose either a whole season of a show or just individual episodes. It may also enable programmes to be played on various portable media players, depending on the restrictions that Channel 4 sets.

Bob Harris, from Channel 4's IT strategy and architecture department, said one benefit for the station is being able to update the 4oD service without disruption for the user.

Channel 4 will also be able to set details like the amount of time a customer can watch a downloaded show or keep it on their hard drive.

Channel 4's video one demand service, 4oD, uses Microsoft Windows Media DRM. It was launched in November last year.