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Volvo and Audi to roll out Android Auto-enabled cars this year

Volvo and Audi to rev up Android Auto this year
Android Auto - coming soon

Android Auto will launch in at least two big name cars this year, with Volvo and Audi both confirming that they are close to rolling out new automobiles featuring the platform from Google in 2014.

Shown off at IO, Android Auto will go up against Apple's CarPlay and continue an increasingly fascinating battle to be a major part of your next car.

Android Auto is, as you might expect, a reimagining of the Android platform for us in the car, with a focus on Google Maps, Play Music and all the other useful tools you'd like to have access to while driving.


Platforms obviously need big manufacturers on board, whether that's in phones or in cars, and Google will no doubt be proud that two of Europe's most famous car brands have signed on.

For Volvo the XC90 will be the first to boast Android Auto and will be unveiled in public at the Paris Motor Show later this year.

Audi has yet to confirm which of its fleet will be carrying AA, but has confirmed that we will see the fruit of its labours this year.

Via Phandroid

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