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Sony brings Bluetooth to its satnav range

Sony has used the IFA 2007 expo in Berlin to launch four new in-car satellite navigation devices, two of which boast Bluetooth connectivity.

The Nav-u NV-U93T and NV-U83 both feature 4.8-inch widescreen displays that adjust their brightness automatically based on surrounding light conditions. Both can be paired with Bluetooth mobile phones so you can make and receive hands-free calls.

Another intriguing feature carried over from the current range is Gesture Command, which allows frequent destinations to be stored and then called up when drawing a specific line or shape on the screen.

The NV-U93T comes preloaded with a pan-European map for international drivers, as well as real-time traffic updates (optional on the NV-U83), while the NV-U83 contains domestic maps.

The NV-U73T and NV-U53 have smaller 4.3-inch screens (up from 3.5-inch on the equivalent current models) and aren't Bluetooth-compatible, but are otherwise identical to their larger compatriots.

The updated Nav-u range will be available in November, with prices to be confirmed.