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Navigon 2110: smaller is better

Satnav maker Navigon today launched the sleek-looking Navigon 2110 satnav device. Like its bigger siblings ( Navigon 5110 and Navigon 7110), the 2110 is crammed with powerful mapping software and useful features.

Weighing only 160g and measuring just 103 x 78 x 18mm, the 2110 is the smallest Navigon device yet, and is available in black and white.

It provides free traffic alternatives thanks to an TMC antenna built into the charging wire, so you can easily find your way out of a traffic jam. There's also a traffic lane assistant which guides you to the correct lane on motorways and other multi-lane roads.

Inside, a 400MHz processor sets the pace, showing up 2D and 3D maps on the 3.5-inch display. The integrated lithium-ion battery gives you three and a half hours of battery life, enough for most journeys.

To protect against theft, the Navigon 2110 has a built-in PIN code acting as an added security function even after you take it out of your car.

The unit is priced at 279 euros for the UK and Western Europe version.