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Medion GoPal P5235 sat nav is unveiled

Medion GoPal P5235 - it's new, see?
Medion GoPal P5235 - it's new, see?

The GoPal P5235 sat nav is, we're reliably informed, jam packed with European Navteq maps, a FM-transmitted to play instructions through your stereo, and speed camera alerts.

And you can throw lifetime Premium TMC – that's traffic alerts to the uninitiated – into the package as well, although it will only work in 'applicable' European countries, and not the 43 that are covered by the maps.

The GoPal P5235 has a 5-inch TFT touchscreen, and multiple different ways of telling you that, yes, you should have listened when it told you to turn left back there, and now it will take ages to get you back on track.

SiRFInstantFixII (tm)

Also handy are the SiRFInstantFixII (which is trademarked – in case you were thinking of stealing such a snappy name) which makes it quicker to get going by making a best-guess as it finds the satellites, and lane-assist to stop those madcap four lane swerves that the police frown upon.

Oh and for the cyclists and pedestrians among you – special modes should stop you getting lost as you circumnavigate the local duck pond.

Finally, for those who don't set their home location for fear of attracting intelligent thieves, there is a fingerprint reader to keep your data private.

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