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High spec cyclist satnav systems from Garmin

As well as satnav mapping, detailed cycling performance data can be recorded on the Garmin Edge 705 and 605 GPS devices

Cyclists can find where they are, plan routes and monitor their performance in detail with two new GPS-based satellite navigation and performance monitors from Garmin.

The Garmin Edge 705 and Edge 605 are waterproof devices designed for bikes. They provide satnav mapping on a large 2.2-inch display while tracking performance, recording vertical profiles, climb and descent, altitude, speed, distance and time.

In addition, the new cycling-orientated Garmin satnav devices are compatible with SRM advanced power measurement technology for exhaustive performance profiling. Cyclists can also connect the devices to heart rate monitors and share information recorded on their device, including route details, with other cyclists wirelessly using ANT+Sport technology.

Built-in maps

Both the Edge 605 and Edge 705 come with turn-by-turn routing using built-in maps, and an optional detailed street mapping or topographical maps that come on preloaded data cards. The Edge 705 system uses a barometric altimeter for recording altitude, while the Edge 605 uses GPS positioning.

The Garmin Edge 705 with Heart Rate Monitor and Speed/Cadence Sensor is expected to available in December 2007 for £359.99. The Garmin Edge 605 will go on sale at the same time for £269.99.