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Get custom OS maps on your handheld

Satmap, a new handheld GPS device packed with Ordnance Survey maps, is just about to launch in the UK.

The Satmap device comes with Ordnance Survey county or area maps preloaded onto a SD memory card. The software lets you zoom in and out, and pan the maps seamlessly on the 3.5-inch colour screen, just as in Google Maps.

Maps come in either 1:25,000 or 1:50,000 resolution, and are sold either as county maps or as area maps, such as of the South East of England. Better still, you can order custom maps of where you live, for example. You can decide what size area you'd like your map to feature, as well as the shape of the area (a straight forward square map, or a more stretched out rectangular version, for example).

The maps include points of interest such as national parks, national trails, UK regions and counties. More will be launched throughout the year, including worldwide maps.

The rugged-looking Satmap device will go on sale in the first week of September for £299. Maps will cost between £30 and £100 depending on area size and map resolution.