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Robot fish car stays safer through lasers

Nissan Pivo
Nissan has a track record of building prototype robot cars

We've covered plenty of futuristic car-safety technology, notably from Toyota and Nissan, but the latter's latest robot car is definitely the first we've seen to attempt to mimic a fish.

While the EPORO prototype 'car' doesn't actually travel underwater, it does try to replicate the movement of fish in a school in an effort to navigate safely and avoid accidents.

UWB and lasers

To achieve that, EPORO cars 'speak' to each other using Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio and measure their positions with laser range finders.

Once they know where they are in relation to each other and to their surroundings – so the theory goes – the tiny autonomous vehicles should be as safe as houses.

Six prototype EPOROs will be on show at the Ceatec exhibition in Japan this week and Nissan hopes to use the technology in road-going cars sometime in the future.

Via Japan Today