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CeBIT 2007: Safety at the wheel

Seecode will launch new Bluetooth devices at CeBIT this year

As talking on a mobile phone while driving is now illegal in the UK, those who haven't bought a handsfree headset yet are breaking the law if they take a call while manoeuvring their car.

A new device aims to be an alternative to handsfree kits, letting drivers talk to friends and business partners in their cars. German firm Seecode is launching a tiny Bluetooth device at the CeBIT show in Hannover this week.

The device fits to the steering wheel of your car and contains a fully-fledged Bluetooth hands-free device with an integrated display and a battery, speaker and microphone. It also includes a phone book with room for 300 contacts and an FM transmitter that can be used to play back telephone calls and MP3 files through the car's speaker system.

The device, apparently yet without a name, is controlled using ergonomically positioned control elements, so there is no need for users to take their hands off the steering wheel while driving. The Bluetooth hands-free device will be unveiled for the first time at CeBIT and will be available at the end of the second quarter of this year.