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Lexus makes drivable IS out of cardboard

Lexus IS cardboard

Taking crumple zones to new heights, Lexus has constructed a car made almost entirely out of precision-cut cardboard.

Created using 1,700 pieces of card, the recyclable ride is a full-size replica of a Lexus IS, which takes inspiration from origami and rolls on its cardboard-constructed wheels.

Lexus partnered with UK design firms LaserCut Works and Scales and Models to create the vehicle, which features opening doors and an interior complete with seats and cup holders – although we wouldn't recommend spilling your drink, considering the material.

Car-dboard construction

The model is built around a steel and aluminium frame, and features headlights and an electric motor that enables it to actually drive – at record-breaking speed no doubt.

While assembling the parts, the accuracy required to ensure the car didn't wind up a lopsided mess necessitated that each piece be delicately added by hand.

With the water-based glue the team used taking 10 minutes to dry before each new piece could be added, the total build time took a whopping three months.

Check out the video below.

  • When it's not building cars out of cardboard, Lexus is fulfilling Back to the Future-inspired fantasies with the Lexus Hoverboard.