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Google's self-driving cars might be in for some Tesla magic

Google car

While Google has previously said that it doesn't want to be a car maker, it looks like the search giant's self-driving plans are just heating up with its latest hire.

Tesla's former autopilot engineering manager, Robert Rose, now works for Google, according to his LinkedIn page and as spotted by 9to5Google.

According to Rose's LinkedIn, he worked as a software engineer for SpaceX before heading to Tesla, finishing up just after the launch of the company's autopilot and auto-steering features, which went live in October.

(Self-driving) car guy

While Rose's profile says simply that he will be working as a software engineer for Google Robotics, it's not confirmed that he'll be working on Google's self-driving cars.

Still, it's a pretty good bet he'll have his hand on the company's self-driving car, unless, of course, Google plans on building a rocket, which is a little more unlikely - though not impossible.

In any case, poaching talent between car companies building self-driving cars seems to have become common practice, with reports of Apple picking up ex-Tesla employees, and vice versa, and even Google picking up former auto manufacturer employees as well.