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Facebook apps ask for your permission before data mining

Facebook tries to be more open
Facebook tries to be more open

Facebook has rolled out new features for its app platform, which means that all third-party applications now have to ask for your permission before they take any of your information.

If there is one issue that is Kryptonite to Facebook it's privacy; this move to bring transparency to the site's applications is something Facebook will hopefully quash some of the privacy fears users may have.

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In a release, Facebook had this to say about the new privacy controls: "We understand that it's important that you also have control over what you're sharing.

"With this new authorisation process, when you log into an application with your Facebook account, the application will only be able to access the public parts of your profile by default.

"These improvements reflect two core Facebook beliefs: first, your data belongs to you; second, it should be easy to control what you share.

"If at any point you ask a developer to remove the data you've granted them access to, we require that that they delete this information."

Marc Chacksfield

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