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Lufthansa brings back in-flight internet

Lufthansa will once again offer internet services on its long-haul flights

Web surfing in the skies could soon become a reality for long-haul Lufthansa passengers, after a six-year delay.

The German airline is reportedly in talks with T-Mobile and other service providers to bring internet access to its planes from next year.

It isn't the first time Lufthansa has toyed with offering internet access to passengers. The airline fitted out 80 of its planes with Boeing's Connexion system a few years ago. But plans to roll it out across the fleet were abandoned after September 11, 2001. Boeing itself abandoned Connexion last year.

Lufthansa's new broadband plans would enable passengers to use notebook computers and PDAs to surf the internet, read and send emails. But they would not permit mobile phone conversations, says the Wall Street Journal .