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B&O Play's latest speaker brings crisp sound, sharp looks and a steep price

Hear that? That's the sweet sound of a new B&O Play speaker drifting from the halls of CES 2017.

The Bang & Olufsen sub-brand's latest offering is the Beoplay M5, a stylish cylinder that comes with Chromecast built-in, otherwise known as Google Cast. 

This lets the speaker stream more than 100 music services and connect to multiple devices in your home. If you need to take a call or send a text, it won't miss a beat, either. 

Featuring True360 degree omnidirectional sound and (get ready for it) "a powerful 5” neodymium powered long stroke woofer" for those low-end pitches, the Beoplay M5 aims to optimize any listening experience. 

But B&O Play's newest device doesn't just sound good: it looks good, too. 

A wool-blend fabric encases the speaker, while a matte aluminum disc sits on top. To adjust the volume, users rotate the disc, while pressing down will play, pause or let the speaker connect to other song-playing devices when it's turned off. 

Available in either a natural gray or black, seasonal colors are also due for the Beoplay M5. It's listed at a pricey $599/£529/AU$899, and is already on sale through B&O and third-party stores.

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