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Best The Sims 4 mods - and how to install them

The Sims 4
Four Sims dancing around a green swirling hologram. One female Sim is dressed in party attire, another female is in a form dress. One male is dressed as an astronaut and another in a fluorescent blue cowboy hat. (Image credit: EA Maxis)

Looking for the best The Sims 4 mods? Then you’re in the right place. While new expansions and game packs are constantly releasing for The Sims 4 - providing more ways to play, new items, and new jobs for you to take on in the Sim universe - you may be wanting even more creative control over your Sim’s lives and world. 

Fortunately, as well as these officially developed packs, there are a large number of mods created by Sim community members that will allow you to further customize your gameplay experience or even fix current bugs in the game. Whether it’s allowing you to experience the day in the life of a Sim school child or letting you pursue witchcraft as a career path, Sims mods are sure to improve your game.

But with so many different mods to choose from, and so many different creators out there making cool things, it can be hard to work out which The Sims 4 mods are actually worth installing. So we have hand-selected five of the best The Sims 4 mods, that you are sure to enjoy.

How to install The Sims 4 mods

The Sims 4 neighborhood of Willow Creek. A residential area with houses and a river running under a bridge. A rocket is taking off in the distance.

(Image credit: EA)

First, you might need some help in installing mods. Unlike when you purchase a pack, and it automatically gets added to your launch screen, mods take a bit more work to get going. Once you’ve learned the process, however, it’s easy to continue to add mods into your game.

1. Enable mods

You need to enable mods before you can use mods. This is done from The Sims 4 Launch menu. Select the Option menu on your game menu, then click on ‘Game options’, and ‘Other’ on the left-hand menu. In Other, you will want to check the boxes next to ‘Script mods allowed’ and ‘Enable custom content and mods’. Without checking these boxes, mods won’t show up or work.

2. Download mods

Download a mod of your choice into your Downloads folder. You can find mods from The Sims Resource (opens in new tab) and various smaller creator’s websites as well. Make sure your mods are ones that people are using and talking about (like the ones we’ve suggested below), so you don’t download anything that might be harmful. Open your Downloads folder and unzip your mod, by left-clicking it and selecting ‘Extract’.

3. Add mods to your folder

Navigate to your documents folder in a new window, click on ‘Electronic Arts’, then ‘The Sims 4’, then ‘Mods’, which should showcase a folder with all of your mods in it. Drag all of your extracted files from this mod into your mod folder. 

3. Launch The Sims 4

Restart The Sims 4 - you will need to do this so that your new mods are launched along with the game. There should be a pop-up when you load the game up, which will showcase all of the mods and custom content you currently have running on your game. You can disable this pop-up, but it might be useful when it comes to double checking that your mods work and will show up in the game. You can see your mods in game by left clicking on your selected sim - which will then showcase any mods and mod options you have in your game. 

Best The Sims 4 mods


Two Sims are whispering to each other while another laughs. There is a third Sim in the background crying.

(Image credit: EA Maxis)

AllCheats is a general mod that will change up your gameplay by unlocking loads of cheat commands that are built into the game, but locked away as they aren’t for general players. This mod brings back all of the old cheats found in the game - including debugs, like adding buffs to Sims, forcing pregnancies, changing the weather - it’s a mod that gives you full god mode over the game. These cheats are quite useful if you’d like more control over your game, but they do not add a lot of new content - they just give you better control over what you have in the game. 

Download it here (opens in new tab).

Slice of Life packs

Two female Sims pulling disgruntled faces, with thought bubbles above their heads showing a tampon with a red cross through it.

(Image credit: kawaiistaciemods)

If you are looking to have a more realistic and meaningful experience in Sims, the Slice of Life mod is one that is well worth looking into. This mod is split into packs that add a lot of reality into your game. There is a pack that adds more text messages, which will pop up in your game, allowing you to form friendships in a more natural way. Goodbye messages will be sent when you leave a lot, friends can confess crushes through texts, and family can be invited to big events like births and holidays. In the same breath, there is also a personality pack that can give your Sims deeper personalities, an appearance pack that can allow your sims to blush, get pimples and need to better take care of themselves, and even a cycle pack that brings in menstrual cycles to the game, causing mood swings and bloating. These packs can really add more depth to your The Sims 4 experience.

Download them here (opens in new tab).

Go to School

The Sims 4 building screen showing a range of school items

(Image credit: Zerbu)

Though this is an older mod, the Go to School mod pack still works in recent versions of The Sims 4. This mod allows you to place a school into your world (though this school will need a teacher’s podium to work with the mod) that you can then use to attend school with your child or teen. Much like the Get to Work expansion pack that you can purchase, this mod gives you the option to help with your child’s education through making decisions and doing tasks within the school, during their school day. During your school day, you can earn emblems from the principal, which can then be used to redeem reward traits. 

Download it here (opens in new tab).

Meaningful Stories

Two Sims kissing with a pop-up that says they are having a "Happy Moment"

(Image credit: roBurky)

In The Sims 4, you will find that your sim’s mood changes when events happen - but it’s often pretty easy to let that mood pass or to rectify it. Meaningful Stories, on the other hand, brings more realism to moods - giving your sims proper reactions to tragic events or new experiences, so that they can have an underlying mood for several days. Though this will make it more challenging to adjust your sims emotions, it does make your sims feel much more human and makes events that are happening in the game feel more important, as you will need to focus more on little things in your game, like having good experiences when your friends come to visit or how well your first kiss went.

Download it here (opens in new tab).

Witchcraft Career

The Sims 4 career screen showing the witchcraft career.


In this article, we have leaned towards more realistic mods that make The Sims 4 feel like real life, however there are others that add more fantasy aspects to the game. The Witchcraft Career is one fantasy mod that adds a few new jobs into the game and new traits that involve becoming a witch. You can work your way through two new career tracks with two branches on each one, becoming a witch that dabbles in voodoo or a witch that uses mysterious traditions. If you want, you can even get a familiar that will possess the spirit of a loved one, who has passed on, to keep them around with you. It’s a fun change of pace for the game. 

Download it here (opens in new tab).