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Avaya Spaces breaks through the limits of traditional office PBX systems

Avaya Spaces
(Image credit: Avaya)

The modern office has changed dramatically in the past year, and companies have had to adopt quickly to maintain productivity and cross-company communication. Employees are no longer tied to their desks at work – they collaborate over multiple devices and locations, and keeping everyone connected in a secure and efficient way is proving to be a challenge for many companies.

For one, many organizations – as many as 76 percent, according to MZA – still rely on standard PBX phone systems in the workplace to communicate. In a world where employees want – and even need -  to work from anywhere, that kind of tech just doesn’t cut it. Plus, these older systems lack integration with modern apps and software, creating a silo around communications.

Avaya Spaces is here to bridge that gap – helping businesses break through the limits of traditional PBX communications without needing to rip and replace existing technology.

Avaya Spaces can directly connect your existing enterprise telephony to sophisticated web-based collaboration with zero business disruption. Video meetings, persistent chat, file sharing, and task management from the cloud, are combined with calling from your on-premise telephony deployment into a single browser experience with everything in one place for your users.

Avaya Spaces is built with a foundational Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) design for unlimited integration potential with the business apps and tools you already use, making the employee experience a breeze, no matter where people are working from. 

Anthony Bartolo, EVP and Chief Product Officer, Avaya, stressed when these capabilities were launched that Avaya Spaces was built to move fluidly with the changing times for companies, allowing them to collaborate with both customers and employees in the most efficient manner.

“Businesses are adapting and scaling faster to meet the needs of the experience economy by shifting from monolithic software to more agile, services-based applications, and Avaya Spaces uniquely enables this leap forward. Avaya Spaces users also benefit from some of the most advanced, cloud-based AI as well as a client-less architecture for an exceptional and easy-to-use experience,” he said.

With its CPaaS architecture, Avaya Spaces enables customers to extend an already powerful application to compose communication and collaboration solutions to fit precise and custom workflows or vertical use cases.

For John Valencia, President & CEO, Toolwire, these enhancements to Avaya Spaces couldn’t have come at a better time. “The past year has demonstrated the need for better remote learning solutions, and Toolwire is creating new and more powerful tools for our customers – thanks to Avaya,” he said.

“With its CPaaS architecture, Avaya Spaces is a tremendous collaboration platform for us to build upon, enabling us to provide universities and companies of any size with the collaboration capabilities they require to create breakthrough experiences and achieve their desired level of digital transformation – one learner at a time.”

And because Avaya Spaces is built an open platform, more advanced scenarios can be easily connected, including integrations for CRM, customer support, RPA (robotic process automation), and productivity. These are just some of the examples of how Avaya Spaces can drive your digital transformation journey one step further – all starting with a simple enhancement to your existing PBX system.

Ready to change how you work and communicate? Start with a 60-day, no-commitment trial and see how Avaya Spaces can change the way you host your meetings. (opens in new tab)