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The Sonos Play:1 gets a new look for a very limited time

Sonos Play1 Tone

In the category of "great tech gets even better," Sonos is offering an improved version of its popular Play:1 speaker, starting on July 21.

Called the Play:1 Tone, the speaker will come in two colors: "absolute black" and "pristine white." Both speakers ditch the grey grill that typically adorns the front of the Play:1 for a matte finish, which is a nice aesthetic upgrade for the two-tone speakers we're used to seeing from Sonos.

The announcement, however, comes with a caveat. Sonos only plans on manufacturing 5,000 of each speaker. The company expects the speakers to sell out within hours, with the sale starting on July 21 at 10am CET in Europe and 10am PST in the States.

Besides the aesthetic upgrade, the Play:1 Tone will come with software version 5.4 that improves compatibility with streaming services like Google Music and TuneIn, as well as optimized bass performance when paired with a sub-woofer.

The limited edition PLAY:1 Tone will be sold exclusively on for $250/£220.

Nick Pino

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