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Prepare for more remixes on Spotify and Apple Music

DJ Remix

Tired of listening to the same old versions of your favorite songs and think you could do better? Thanks to a new technology you'll soon be able to enjoy user-uploaded remixes through Spotify and Apple Music.

The development comes thanks to a deal with Dubset, which has developed a technology that allows rights-holders to identify when samples of its tracks have been used in a remix, allowing it to make its way onto paid streaming services.

So when you upload your awesome mix of Smells Like Teen Spirit and Blur's Song 2, the streaming service will be able to automatically distribute payment between the songs' two rights holders.


Dubset's technology, MixSCAN, means that remixes can now be uploaded to streaming services whereas they would have previously been limited to less formal services such as YouTube and SoundCloud, according to Dubset.

The technology is used on tracks uploaded to Dubset directly, and from there music can be uploaded to streaming services where it has the potential to generate revenue for both DJs and rights holders.

Via AppleInsider

Jon Porter

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