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Apple stung by iPod click wheel patent payout

Given that the iPod Classic is surely not far from joining the Walkman and Laser Disc player in the great junk drawer in the sky, it must be annoying for Apple to paying out damages because its click wheel was found to infringe on someone else's patents.

That someone else is Japanese inventor Norihiko Saito, whose company filed a lawsuit against Apple and its music players back in 2007 when the iPod Classic got its last major upgrade.

Reinventing the click wheel

The courts agreed that Apple had stepped on Saito's intellectual property toes, violating a patent that Saito applied for in 1998.

Although Saito originally sought a ban on iPod Classics in Japan, the courts have instead ordered Apple to pay Y300 million (around $3.3m / £2m / AU$3.5).

That's a lot of dough but it's also a lot less than Saito was hoping for, having asked for Y10bn ($101m) for his trouble.

From Dow Jones via Engadget

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